Friday Thoughts

Ah good ol' monster flicks. Something about a vampire/werewolf/mummy/witch story just always catch my attention. Even if it's just Alvin and the Chimpmunks Meet the Wolfman. Holiday specials are a different story (I can't get enough of them!). With Halloween around the corner (58 days according to this countdown) I am starting to whip out my favorite monster movies and watching them every chance I get. One I saw recently for the first time was Wolfman. I loved it! I had never seen any of Benicio Del Toro's films, but I think I'm in love :D

Photo: Oblioo

Man where has he been? Better yet, where have I been? I missed his Academy Award winning role.

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays, I love dressing up in a costume. So leave it to me to start thinking about a costume back in July. Well I bought my costume yesterday! I am going to be a barbarian, but I'm thinking of making it look more like a viking with that hat with little horns on 'em. I don't know, I was originally planning on being this:

Photo: Leg Avenue

Isn't it awesome? I didn't want to spend too much this year though, so I'll save this one for 2011!

Do you have your costume yet?

Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

I haven't even thought about a costume yet! Lol. It's been a couple years since I've dressed up though, since I never do anything on Halloween now. Plus, I live in too small of a neighborhood and don't even get trick or treaters! :( It sucks because I really love Halloween.

Kristin said...

I totally need to start thinking about my costume...and the dude's too!

firepages said...

Okay :::fanning myself::: that guy is seriously hot! He's what romance books are made of. I am a huge horror movie fan. I can remember watching Nightmare on Elm Street when I was three or four years old. So, I am uber excited to have Halloween coming right around the corner. As far as costumes go, I never dress up. I always invite my close friends over to my house for an up all night scary movie-athon. It's so much safer than going on to parties. I think you should totally spring for that outfit! You would definitely turn heads!