Sunday's Charitable Purchase: Krochet Kids

buy a hat. change a life.

Krochet Kids train women in Northern Uganda to crochet and make these fabulous items which include hats, scarves, and laptop cases! They also mentor these women so that they may rise above and become empowered. All items are signed by the woman who made it, you can go to the website to read her personal story. Krochet Kids was started by a group of friends who learned how to crochet in high school and decided to start up again for a great cause.

The name Krochet Kids came from their high school nickname, they used to make their own head ware and eventually started taking custom orders from classmates.

If you're looking for a great handmade item for this winter, look no further than Krochet Kids.

So I am a teensy bit obsessed

With trapper hats! Remember how I bought board games for the white elephant at work? Well we had a change of plans and we did a Secret Santa instead (luckily I will be able to use those presents for my family's white elephant, win!) The odd thing with me and Secret Santa's is that I always know who I am going to get... this year I got the only dude in the office, who I also do not know :/ Luckily for me, I was able to get a sense of his style which turned out to be the  masculine version of mine so I got him one of these:

A trapper hat!

Which are my new obsession :):) Look at all the cute ones I found:

What are you currently obsessed with? Would you ever wear a trapper hat?

In December drinking horchata...

and working and going to school and reading and buying presents and decorating. Just a taste of my life at the moment, but I am lovin' it! For fear of the quality of my postings I will be posting a few times a week until further notice. 

This year I decided to do my gift wrapping a little different, I have wrapped my presents in a similar way to these: 

My camera isn't working so I had to "borrow" pictures from the wonderful online community :) I think these presents look adorable, I bought some postal wrapping paper and some twine but I won't actually be sending them so I have been using a sticker in place of the stamp. 

How is your wrapping going? Or dare I say it, have you started wrapping?

Remember, I don't judge anyone hahaha :):)

Friday Thoughts

So I have been on a music buying rampage. I must have bought at least 11 hours worth just in the last two days, but guess how much I spent? $7! Yes you read that correctly, let me show you how I did it:
From Amazon I bought Mumford & Sons Sigh No More for $5.00 
This CD is GREAT, seriously check it out! Their style is refreshingly new and beautiful, the lyrics to White Blank Page are like a poem *sigh*

From iTunes I bought Cage The Elephant's single Shake Me Down for a dollar.
This song is EPIC, I play it over and over again... it's such a great song really it is.

I got this on Amazon for 99 cents because I already had a dollar credit (from buying that CD for my "secret" santa aka MOM). I've been listening to it while I do homework, now I don't have to open up Pandora to listen to beautiful piano music :)

*Note* these are all downloaded, which lowered the prices I got.

What was your last music purchase?

Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La

I have an exciting day ahead of me as I will be watching my nephew and his classmates sing Christmas carols! I haven't been to a Christmas show in, well, years! He has taken quite a liking to singing, perhaps I will be seeing the future Josh Groban in his very first live performance tonight? :)

Josh Groban rules. If you haven't bought his Holiday CD Noel, please check it out. I've been listening to it non-stop since December 1st, no joke!

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Mine would have to be Little Drummer Boy (both in English and Spanish)