Rafa Nadal Foundation

Photo: Rafa Nadal

Like most (if not all) successful tennis players Rafael Nadal created his own fundacion in 2007. From the website the foundation's mission is:

"We want to provide an opportunity for children and adolescents with disabilities, those coming from underprivileged surroundings and those limited by an unfortunate family environment, who run the risk of being excluded from the society”.

“We offer educational programs using sport as a tool for personal and social integration, passing on values such as effort, self-improvement and respect in order to encourage their self-esteem and confidence”.

Current projects include "More than Tennis" where they paired up with the Special Olympics of Spain to "encourage the integration and development of children and youth with intellectual disabilities through the practice of tennis". The other project is another team up, this time with Fundacion Vicente Ferrer to construct and maintain a school with a three-court tennis training centre in rural Anantapur, India.

I have always had admiration for athletes and actors who use their name for a good cause. In January several players including Nadal and Federer participated in a special match that was planned in less than 24 hours. $10 tickets were sold with all proceeds going to Haiti.

Last but not least, the website also has a store that has Rafa Nadal posters and calendars, proceeds of course going to the foundation :D

The U.S. Open is currently being played in New York. Tune in to support all the amazing players!

Vamos Rafa!

Photo: Rafa Nadal

Happy Saturday!


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a wonderful foundation!! :)

firepages said...

This is a fantastic foundation! I have been playing sports since I was seven years old, and besides it keeping you in shape, you get to learn how to work with others, problem solve, handle competition, stay focused on your goals. All excellent lessons for children to learn, especially underprivileged children.

Kristin said...

Standing O for those that use there celebrity altruistically!