The perfect time to spread my wings

I have been feeling very restless and uncomfortable in my house for a while now. I don't know why but I just don't have that home sweet home feeling anymore. I have everything I need and yet I don't want it. My household causes me a lot of unnecessary stress. Maybe I'm going through a weird phase, but I want to live on my own, just so that I can be alone and in peace. I guess that's what my house doesn't have, peace and quiet. Apart from that I simply don't like living here, I am surprised I am saying that, but it's exactly how I feel about the house I've lived in almost my entire life. Maybe it's time for a change of scene? I've always been the type to enjoy (positive) changes every now and then. This house has also become difficult to clean, I feel as if everything is outdated and impossible to make shine. I am the official housemaid in the house now that I am "home all day", doing online full-time schooling that is. I live with both parents and two older siblings. I would also call myself the black sheep, but not in a negative way, I am different from them. They have accepted me but the differences are obvious. I have lost all my patience with some of my family members and their ways, I don't see myself as having the right to point this out and I have tried to help to no avail. They won't be moving out soon, so I see this as the perfect time to (start planning) the spread of my wings. The big event I cannot wait for. I don't know how I will work it out, I am at the moment only 19 and I had always thought I would buy a house as an investment before getting my own place. Starting today though, I will double no triple my efforts at school to finish quicker and plans can always change. I want to spread my wings in 5 years time. :D Only then will I be completely at peace and happy.

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Maddy said...

It's ok to want to branch out. It doesn't mean you love your family any less. It just means you need to expand your horizons...I know I did. Good luck with everything!