I have found my calling (I think)

I have been pondering this for a while now. I am majoring in Finance as I like working with money and the financial world has always interested me. Yesterday I applied for a bank teller position at a local credit union and I was surprised at how excited I was. I dreamed about the job last night and for me that's saying something as I always dream in story mode (weird but that's something for another post another day). Today I'm thinking yes! I see myself working at a bank and later maybe working with loans and mortgages. Does anybody here have experience in the banking world? How did you choose your career (if you already have)?  I wish it was this easy:

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Maddy said...

Congrats love! Believe it or not, I work in finance too, for a Wall Street firm. I have worked in banking before too. Not exactly "my" dream job, but it pays the bills :) My dream job would cosist of traveling, writing and photography!