Addicted to Games

We have all heard of Farmville and Mobsters. I personally do not play those but I do play plenty of other ones. I consider them a guilty indulgence since many of them consist of building my own empire or attacking other sorority sisters. Yes I am addicted to living a double life in a game :D But the games are fun, right now I'm hooked on Treetopia and Big City Life and in honor of the World Cup EA Sports Fifa Superstars which is, you guessed it, a team management game complete with rewards for predicting real World Cup results. I don't know why I'm so drawn to these games, they're just so much fun. The funnest is probably Family Feud but recently it's gotten pretty difficult to win. There you have it my guilty pleasures on Facebook. Do you play? How about we become neighbors :)

Now for video games. I only own a Wii so I pretty much only play Mario games and sports I am really good *cough* undefeated *cough* in baseball, it's my thing.

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Maddy said...

Lol! I'm not really into games, except for Brick Breaker on my Blackbery :)