It's a Boy!

Sunday was my cousin Emely's baby shower and it was a great day! The sun was a bit ahem strong and I for some odd reason I burned Saturday at the beach so it was a bit painful. The games were pretty fun we played the good ol' don't say the b word (baby!) or someone can take your necklace away. Mine was taken away near the end so I survived for a while. The other games we played were in a little booklet. The first was to write as many names as we can with the letter of her choosing (E) I managed to write down 8, the winner had 15 :O Second game was to write a baby item for every letter of the alphabet I only got 8 for this too! Winner had like 23. Man I am not good at these games. Last game was super fun we had to draw a baby with the paper on top of our heads! I had never played it before but I will include it with the next baby shower I plan. Unfortunately my mom forgot my camera so no pictures today :(


Maddy said...

I always love baby showers, but even more so when the baby finally arrives! Glad you had fun :)

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