This is Africa!

I love the World Cup! The performances were great John Legend, Juanes, and Shakira! I loved the outifts the dancers were wearing the bright skirts and jewelry. I also liked Vusi Mahlasela the guitar sounded amazing though I can't say the same of the Black Eyed Peas, I am definitely not a fan of theirs when it comes to live music. The Fifa World Cup is one of those events that I always think about (confession time again!) I always try to imagine where I'll be when the next world cup comes around. 4 years ago I was thinking what college will I be attending? Will I be working? Will I have another niece or nephew? Crazy but fun to imagine. I never would have guessed that I will have broken my nose and gotten a nose job that's for sure! This year I will be thinking about where I will be working because I will be out of school by then. What if I'm married! :O You  just never know what can happen in 4 years, it's a long time in a way. Viva Mexico y Espana! What team are you rooting for?

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Maddy said...

You are so right!! Four years is a long time! Four years ago, I wasn't married or even living with my hubby. BTW -we'll be watching the World Cup too over the weekend. I personally don't know a thing about sports, but my hubby will be tuning in, as he he a HUGE futbol fan!