I'm a movie cheater

Confession time. I have been going to movies' wikipedia pages to read the (sometimes very very detailed) plot. I admit it, if you ask me what I thought of the ending I will tell you without ever seeing the film. Although, if it sounds good I'll watch it but 90% of the time I don't rent/buy it. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a bootleg or something. In the end I end up being the loser, how fun is it to read instead of watch great endings like The Sixth Sense (best ending ever! I had no idea, yes I watched this one, Wikipedia came to me too late). Some however are better read than watched. This includes many books of course including The Da Vinci code. Movies like Lord of the Rings actually worked for me, the special effects, Orlando Bloom, battle scenes, and of course Orlando Bloom. All in all some books work for movies others not so much, I will try to watch more movies. The ones with bad reviews will be seen on Wiki. :D

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Maddy said...

Actually, the only time I go to IMDB for movies is when I've finished watching something I really like and either want to get more info/ or want to hear people's thoughts. Otherwise, I avoid spoilers at all cost!