Frozen yogurt….yum!

I saw my friends yesterday for the first time in a long time! We went to a new frozen yogurt place called Yogurtland. Cute name and it was delicious!! They had many many flavors including Green tea and Tiramisu plus many many toppings including gummy worms and watermelon. I personally just went with the good ol' strawberry with some vanilla and for toppings I put lots of strawberries and some crushed oreos. There are so many yogurt places popping up it's crazy. I have personally only been to two of them, but this place by far crushed all other competition, there is only one yogurt place for me now :D I will go back this weekend with my family hopefully...nom nom noms. Have a frozen weekend everyone! Ok sorry that was a horrible attempt at being creative, have a great (sunny) weekend!

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Maddy said...

I just discovered frozen yogurt a few weeks ago myself! I had never tried it before, but became smitten after my first taste :)