Boys, Boys, Boys, We love them! We love them!

This post is all about celebrity crushes. I have a few...ok a lot. They aren't, however, obsessions, I just think they're good-looking/charming. Lets begin with the athletes. Let's see, we have Rafael Nadal (best tennis player in the whole wide world!....or at least on clay courts) Pau Gasol (Lakers!!!) Cristiano Ronaldo (best dressed I think) Lance Armstrong (!) Tim Lincecum makes my list too. Something about baseball players arms speaks to my heart.

Actors. Adrien Brody (I love the Pianist) Vin Diesel (he's fast) Paul Walker (not as fast) Johnny Depp (better dressed than Ronaldo, sorry) James Franco (cute) and Emile Hirsch (he's a demon on wheels). What's with hot drivers? I will never know *sigh*

Singers. I don't have any?

Dudes from books. Harry Potter (he defeated the most evil wizard ever) Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (not many people know about him...what? he's famous?!) Jacob Black (yea I like him too) Mr. Darcy (darn you Wickham!) Robert Langdon (I love Mickey Mouse) and a shout out to the authors who created them! Thank you.

Politicians. NONE.

Princes. Prince Andrea Casiraghi (he has such a romantic look) Prince Caspian (what? he's real I tell you!) Prince William (duh) Prince Carl Philip (love the tie) and of course Prince Charming. Honorable mention to Prince Azim if I get invited to a party. Just saying.


justdc said...

lol! I agree with Christiana Ronaldo, Johnny Depp, and Vin Diesel. I myself I'm in love with David Beckham :) oh if he only knew

Maddy said...

I second Johnny Depp and James Franco. I would throw in Leonardo DiCaprio in there too. I wasn't too crazy about him in Titanic, but now that he's all grown up - me likey!