What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?! Oh, that’s ok. I make lamb.

Thank you Nia Vardalos for writing that memorable quote. It has since become a family joke since I am the only vegetarian from both sides of the family. Lucky for me they did not offer me lamb, I was offered vegetables. Gracias!  This isn't much of a confession, but most people don't know, so I will treat it as a revelation. I have been a vegetarian for about a year and a half. My family has been very supportive, but at first were a bit skeptical. They thought it was a phase that would pass after a week or two. It may very well be just a phase, but I see no end to it soon. I decided to make the change for a variety of reasons, I won't share all of them because I definitely don't want to sound preachy. I will say however, that I never had much taste for it. I mostly ate chicken and turkey. The change was very easy. I will also say it was beneficial to my family. I started making vegetarian dishes and sharing it with them, they now enjoy more vegetables and have gotten healthier from it. The only "difficult" part is going out to eat. Not all restaurants have good veggie options, but almost all have at least a couple.

Recently, my sister's boss went vegan to train for something, I don't really know. When I worked for him, he was always training for something. Any who, he would discuss all the benefits like weight loss, more energy, etc. My sister was inspired and suggested we go vegan for a week. I agreed to do so and immediately started looking for some recipes. I found a great website: thegluttonousvegan.com WOW! I am so excited. The recipes look great. My parents have also decided to go vegan with us. I have thought about going vegan in the past, but had never really attempted it. I will see how next week goes, who knows maybe I make the switch at least part-time. I do know that going vegan would make eating with my family just a bit more difficult, especially when I am not the one cooking or when we are guests at someone's home. Anybody out there vegan? How do you handle these situations?

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