Of course I have to share some photos...

Good ol' pasta salad

 I made this one :) Oh yeaaaaah

We have flan for every occasion ;)

They "helped" decorate 

The kids hand delivered their letters to Santa to us, we're going to *pass it on to Santa* when we're done with them  

I sincerely hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Krystal said...

everything looks so good!!!

T said...

and now I'm hungry... again :)

I love the Santa letters... my kids have gotten just old enough that the letters have gotten a little snarky.

I don't know where they get that from :)

Maddy said...

Flan!!! Haven't had that in ages! I wish the people in my family would do flan more often! Lately, we've been on a Dominican cake mix, but this would be an excellent alternative!