It's that time of the year folks!

Christmas decorating! 
I think I live for this time of year, perhaps that's why I haven't been blogging as much? I am resolved to keep up with all of your blogs from now on, scout's honor. We got our tree this past weekend (Saturday? Sunday? I can't seem to remember) and have started decorating it, I named it Rainier :) Sometimes it seems as if I name everything, my computer is Jack. It's a Mac so it's full name is Apple Jack, haha! Since beginning online school and my blogs I seem to find more and more cool things online, so now I rely on the Internet for inspiration. I am so psyched to see what kind of holiday decorations I will find!

If you can help me out and find out where I can get a huge nutcracker like this:
I would be forever grateful. I love nutcrackers and my neighbor from across the street has one that I drool over every single year. 

When do you start decorating?


Krystal said...

i am in love with that 2nd tree! we're not getting a tree this year since we'll be going back to the US :(

Kristin said...

Totally swooning over those floral arrangements! We started decorating this weekend!

Leah said...

Those nutcrackers are amazing! I would check out Home Goods my sister got big one's there.


Maddy said...

This reminds me that I have to start decorating my house ASAP! Otherwise, the entire month will pass before anything gets done :o/

Rachel said...

I love those trees! The decorations are one of my favorite things about Christmas. I already have a tree up at my house, as well as a little one I put in my bedroom. Not to mention, my house is covered in lights already. And I just finished decorating the white, glittery tree at my work. Lol!

Holly Knitlightly said...

So many beautiful decorations! Those nutcrackers are HUGE! Haha. We usually decorate during the Grey Cup weekend, which was last weekend.