Does everyone have their costume yet?!

I got my costume a while ago *cough*August*cough* but I am having trouble with the rest of my look for Halloween. I am going to be the Victorian Vampire I posted about a while ago, here it is again:
I do not have my shoes, and I haven't worked out a hairstyle or how I will do my makeup. Hopefully I find the shoes today at DSW and a good red lipstick at Sephora. Instead of that hat (costs too much to rush ship now) I was thinking of getting some kind of hair clip with a small veil of some sort like this:

What do y'all think? Will this work instead of that cute top hat? 

Now for those of you who don't have their costume yet, here are some suggestions you can try with some pals. I would've tried the Rugrats one had I not already spent an arm and half a leg on mine :(

Ninja Turtles!

Bear in mind these can all be easily put together with some fabric or old clothes and paint! 

Happy Monday, have a wonderful week!


Rachel said...

Love your costume! I definitely think the veil will work instead of the top hat. I'm sure you'll look great!

I love those Rugrats costumes. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

The costume is awesome!!! I think your clip in veil will be better than a top hat. I'm not sure what you will be doing for halloween, but it seems like a top hat might be more trouble than it's worth. I also like the curly hair she has in the pic. Shopping for the perfect red lipstick should be fun!!! I do not have a Halloween costume, but I do like the crayola idea. I'd be the maroon one. Have a great day!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, yes that will definitely work in place of a top hat! Ah, I LOVE these costumes! Especially the Crayons! I'm boring...I'm going to be a black cat!! :P

Kristin said...

I think the veil would totally work! And those crayon costumes are too cute!