Sunday's Charitable Purchase: TOMS Shoes

I've decided to change my Saturday posts to Sunday and I will only be sharing purchases that benefit charities or programs. So for my first "SCP" I will be speaking of TOMS Shoes!

I personally love these shoes, they're comfy and super cute. As some of you may know their slogan is : "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One." What a wonderful concept! I first heard about TOMS Shoes on a television special. It began in Argentina (hence the logo) where Blake Mycoskie met children who didn't have shoes to wear, this put them at risk of getting soil-transmitted diseases. He decided to start the company with the purpose of providing shoes for children who would otherwise go barefoot and be vulnerable to preventable diseases and injuries. I immediately went online afterwards to check out their selection, it was love at first sight! They have since come out with so many new styles, I don't know which pair to buy anymore! They have everything from classics, to wedges, to vegan shoes.
They also have "wedding styles" where they encourage you to have your entourage and even guests wear TOMS Shoes. I love the idea and I hope to wear TOMS Shoes to my own wedding! (not anytime soon). Another idea they share on the site is to host a decorating party with a pair of white TOMS classics. The website also has a section where people can upload photos of how they wear TOMS Shoes. It's really neat to see how different styles go with TOMS Shoes. We can all help a child in need :D 

Happy Sunday!

All photos from TOMS Shoes


Kristin said...

I've been drooling over that gold pair forever!

Leah said...

Oh yes the gold pair! I LOVE!

Hope you had a great weekend doll!


Maddy said...

How great!! Shoes that benefit a great cause...I'm in! Love this new feature and I can't wait to hear of other products that will go to great charities :)

iamjenai said...

love those shoes especially the goldie one! I love the idea of one for one. I checked the site and found that it's also offered here in the Philippines! I might check the store one of these days!

oh btw, thanks for stopping by my blog, yay I'm glad you're also in VA! Cant wait for 7 Dec!

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have a great blogging day!