New blog, new day, Friday Thoughts.

So this is my new blog, I'm really excited about it! I can now "decorate" more to my taste. There are definitely things I am going to miss about Wordpress, but it just wasn't working with the whole design/layout thing. I hated their themes :) so I left! Hope this isn't too confusing, I have faith that ya'll know more about this stuff than I do so I am not worried in the least.

How was last night's episode of Project Runway?! I love that Mondo won! He's my favorite, he's going to win it all. Last night was the first time my mom saw the show and she thought Mondo's outfits were so cute haha! Watching the show makes me want to go shopping (more than usual) so I did. I went to Forever 21 as always and looked at their dresses which is something I don't usually do. Here's my fave:

I like the color and the sleeves. Then it was on to the boots!

I'm kind of feeling the cowgirl boots. Not sure I'd ever wear 'em but this year is about breaking out of the shell, oh yea! Bag time!
I'm usually more of a cross body bag or huge purse type of gal, but this coin purse is so cute! And it's less than $5 so in to my cart it goes, checkout time!

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

Photos: Forever 21


Anonymous said...

You left wordpress?? :( Well, I hope you like your new home. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it. I haven't watched this season of PJ, but I'm hoping I can catch a marathon before the finale.

Erika said...

Ooh, I so adore that dress - the charcoal color is perfect! Your new blog makeover is phenomenal - such a pretty color scheme!! :)

Mackenzie said...

I'm glad that Mondo won too!! He definitely deserved it! Great outfit! So cute for fall & winter!

Jessica said...

Love the design of the new blog! I love blogger and have never used wordpress but i would say good choice!

Kristin said...

Those boots are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love Project Runway & Mondo too! And you love scary movies!!! Oh we have so much in common. I have been looking for tall boots in that exact color. I don't know about the cowboy shape, but the color will be crazy this fall.

I agree with you on the wordpress templates and layout. It's very limiting.