Black&White Wednesday

More shots from Ed Levin Park!

My big bro and little nephew going for a hike.

Can you see the horses?

Wish I could be there.

Sofia's first trip to Ed Levin Park.

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Happy Wednesday!


firepages said...

I've never been hiking before for two reasons: (1) I am afraid of heights, and (2) I don't get along so well with nature. But these pictures are really breathtaking! Especially the third one. This looks like so much fun Anaiz. If only I could conquer my ridiculous shenanigans whenever a bug gets too close to me!

Maddy said...

Sofia gets bigger and more beautiful everytime!! And congrats on your B&W pics!! They are really looking great! BTW - Thank you so much for the comment! The Open was fun and yea, I wish we got to see Nadal too! We were hoping for that, but you can't predict it when you buy the tickets, though we got tickets for the main stadium in the hopes that we'd see some one good. It depends on what matches they win/lose etc... But it was still fun! Glad you spotted the new bag! It's my new camera bag :) It will be making it's real debut on the blog soon, if I can get my act together! I've missed you too! It's just so hard to work three jobs and STILL keep up with the blog. But I'm trying because I love it so much. Anyways, enough with the page long comment, hope you have a nice day! I'll try to get around to visit more often :)

Ewa said...

Beautiful photos, my favourite is - wish I could be there

Leah said...

Oh Sofia is just stunning! What a cutie!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah Sofia is so incredibly adorable - love her!! :)