Some of you might remember me saying I tried waxing my eyebrows once and boy did it not go well! I laugh about it now, but at the time I didn't go to school until it got better (a week after getting them done). My eyebrows had a good shape but I sure wasn't going to do it again so I turned to threading (love!). I still wanted to try waxing so my sister and I again went into "experiment" mode and bought an at home wax set. That was another bad idea, my sister didn't know what she was doing and it hurt. We both found it funny though and we stopped trying after two pulls (thank goodness). So you can imagine how nervous I was when I went in to have my underarms waxed but this time by a pro. I'm glad I decided to try! It didn't hurt much, just when she pulled, but even that pain was bearable. Now my underarms are smooth and hairless. As she was waxing the "pro" was telling me that the more you wax the thinner the hair gets and that shaving makes your underarms darker. I definitely noticed that whole dark thing and I think a lot of women out there have the same issue, well if you're one of them try waxing! I consider myself someone with very sensitive skin but all traces of waxing disappeared after a few days. If you don't want to hear unpleasant details I suggest you stop reading now. If you're still here and would like to know what the first time is like here it goes. I did bleed, not like a wound but some of the pores did ooze, but this stopped almost immediately. My hair was thick and plentiful so she pulled three times on each side and the hair she didn't get she threaded afterwards. This was how it was done at the Image Salon where I get my eyebrows done, it might be done differently elsewhere. All in all I would recommend it to anyone, trust me it does not hurt like crazy! I think I might try waxing my legs next time, no matter how close I shave my dark roots still show through my light skin :/ Eventually I just want to laser it all off!

Happy Wednesday!


Kristin said...

I wish I could get my whole body lasered. HA!

firepages said...

Uh, as much as I loathe taking the time to shave every other day, I am always in the shower with my razor in hand. I have never tried waxing. I remember as a teenager the time I tried to use Nair on my legs. It burned!!! I do not have sensitive skin, but that stuff tore my legs up! Lol. You are rigt Anaiz. These women-ly experiments are much funnier after the pain has faded away.

Leah said...

I tried waxing once but it's so expensive! I would love to get laser too!