Not so great a day today

Eh, today could be better. One thing I firmly believe in is that you can't control how your day will be, but you can control how you respond to it. My middle school morning announcements sign off was Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours. I never really paid any attention to it at the time, but how true it has turned out to be for me. Sure, I still have bad days where I just feel like wallowing in self-pity and eating half a pint of Ben & Jerry's (coffee heath bar of course, on really bad days I go for chocolate fudge). The way I deal best is just by thinking it through. I tell myself Hey it's not that bad, don't ruin your day Niz, go read a book or something. Ever since I got my own computer however, I've been going on Youtube or Forever 21. Hearing my fave songs always cheers me up. Here's one I listened to today:

Hope you enjoyed the video! I can always count on Grease *sigh*

How do you cheer up?


firepages said...

I cheer up by going to Walgreens (a corner store near my house), and buying something for myself. I might pick up a new hair clip, a magazine, or makeup... just a little cheap something to lift my spirits. It works every time because it reminds me that while everything else might go wrong, I will always treat myself right. I hope your day gets better!

Leah said...

Oh hope your day get better hun! This video totally cheered me up! Happy Weekend!