It's official, I am getting a Shih tzu

Yes you read correctly, I am getting a Shih tzu puppy from my mom's cousin. I don't know exactly when, I am guessing no later than two months from now. I am so excited I have always wanted a puppy/dog of my own. As mentioned in an earlier post I've had cats, birds, and turtles, but never a puppy. I have already started my research and started thinking about names (I don't know if I will be getting a male or female, I told her I had no preference). If you've never seen a Shih tzu here's a picture! I couldn't help myself really:Aw, aren't they the cutest? Does anyone have any experience with a Shih tzu? Any suggestions for a name? Any would help!


firepages said...

Oh that puppy is precious! S/he looks so soft and cuddly! Are you going to be one of those women who buys a dog purse and takes the puppy everywhere you go? I love small dogs. They never grow out of their cute phase.

Anaiz said...

I don't know about carrying it in a dog purse, but I will be showing everyone pictures like a proud parent :)

Deeanna said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you are going to make an excellent mom ;)

I've never owned a shih tzu; thought about it but we want King Charles Cavalier spaniel instead.

We did lots of research though, and I'd like to share with you my favorite Shih Tzu clip of all time


Kristin said...

Soooooo precious! Can't wait to see your fur baby!