I would like to become a published author in my lifetime

Yesterday while I was waiting for my mom to finish up with the oven I was browsing Amazon for some new books to read (any suggestions?!) and it just hit me. I want to write a novel. I admit I never was an amazing writer who worked on school newspapers or yearbooks, but I have this imagination that I think can help me out. I mentioned in another post that I dream in "story mode", let me explain: I don't dream random moments or just weird things that don't make sense, I dream a story that are sometimes similar to each other, like I have dreamt stories about the apocalypse (I always survive), high school (I'm always late and having high school issues), L.A. (mostly just being in the city), living single in the city (my fave), these might just be my thoughts working over time, but they all have characters and a plot and in the morning I imagine the ending that's the fun part. Sometimes the story is just so good I write it down and thing of many endings. One particular dream I still think about to this day I had about 10 years ago. It was my favorite because we were all dressed in clothes from the 1700s (think The Patriot, which came out 10 years ago by the way). Even though these dreams probably have deeper meanings, they way they're told is what catches my attention. So last night I started working on my novel, I now have a general story and some main characters. Because of this I wasn't able to try out the recipes, but I will tonight (I have to try them). Have a great day everyone or as they said in my middle school, Have a great day or not the choice is yours :D


firepages said...

You should totally go for it! I've written one book (which is now in the editing stage) and I am currently writing my second. Like you, I was never in book clubs or on the year book team or the school newspaper, but I've had some interesting experiences that, when molded, translates well into chick lit/romance. I completely encourage you to take the plunge, and like my high school teacher said, "You won't know until you try."

I graduated college with a master's degree in accounting. What is it about number crunching that pushes us towards more creative avenues like writing? :) Good Luck and let me know how that goes for you!

Maddy said...

I like what firepages said and I agree...just do it! You'd be surprised how many bloggers I've met that are aspiring writers too. Keep flexing that writer's muscle any chance you get! By the way, I also agree with Firepages that number crunching pushes you towards creative avenues. If it weren't for photography and my blog, I would be pulling my hair out staring at numbers all day!