Recipe experiment time!

So it's nearing fourth of July weekend and I have been looking around for new recipes to make.I've always wanted to make a flag with cheesecake and berries, but I found an awesome rice krispie recipe that looks so cute and easy! I will probably try it tonight and see how it goes, hopefully it works out and comes out like the picture :) Wishful thinking huh? I also found these cheesecake bars that look so good. I'll see which one works out because my mom makes a mean cheesecake from scratch too and it would be awesome to incorporate that. I'm also hoping that whatever I choose to make holds up in 90+ degree weather. I'm going to be in Manteca this weekend which is an hour drive from where I live. That's something else I need to look at, does the recipe travel well? I know of several recipes that left great and arrived not so great. I will continue my search and try more recipes tomorrow, I'll let you know how todays pending disaster goes!

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Maddy said...

Baking is something I always want to try, but I'm never any good at it. Good luck though! Post pictures if you do :)