Send out your ray of sunshine

We finally have a sunny (and very warm) day! First one of the season and we are almost in June. The thing I like the most about sunny days are all the things you can do outside. Since the sun comes up so early now I can jog outside instead of the treadmill, I can go for hikes, I can tan, have a park day with the fam bam. In case anyone was wondering, Friday's and today's post names are actually lyrics from a song. Going back to outdoor activities, this year I would like to expand my horizons, I am planning on going on bike rides and kayaking. I haven't gone on a bike rides in...what? 10+ years. Yea, it's about time. I've seen bike tours of Napa that I would like to try, but I would have to find out who what when where. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Maddy said...

A bike is one of those items I've been coveting for a long time! It just never seems like a "practical" thing to splurge on :( Hope you're enjoyng the nice weather!