Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

As some of you may know I am participating in this years Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco. It is something that I had always wanted to do and decided this year was it! I have to admit when I read the information on the packet they send to you I was pretty shocked. Three particular facts caught my eye:

  • A person is diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every 3 minutes

  • A life is lost from breast cancer every 13 minutes

  • A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer

After I read these I thought wow, I am so glad I decided to participate this year. It also caught my sister's eye who joined soon after. Together we created 'Team For All'. The reason we chose that name was because we weren't walking for anyone in particular, we were walking for everyone who has in any way been affected by breast cancer. It wasn't until after we had begun fundraising that we found out our aunt had been diagnosed. She had kept it secret from almost everyone, including her children. This year, the fight got more personal. We renewed our efforts to fundraise!

So far we have raised almost $300! We have set our goal for $3,600. It will be difficult, we have a little over a month left to go, but we will not give up. Please donate today by clicking the link on the right. If you would like us to write a name on our shirts please let me know. We are also selling advertising space on the t-shirts we will be wearing. Together we will find a cure, we are In It To End It! Thank you for your consideration.

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Maddy said...

Good luck! I just did the AIDS Walk in NYC about 2 weeks ago! It was an amazing experience and something I'm looking forward to doing again :)