I need shoes.

I know I know we all need shoes. Some more than others (you know who you are!) and as the weather turns cold, really cold, I've been wearing nothing but slippers and thick socks. Well now I have a craving for a cute pair of flats. Great.
Let's begin with Forever 21
Love this print!
I have a thing for moccasins.
Couldn't resist ;)

LOVE the color! Gorgeous.
TOMS Shoes you're killin' me. I want them all!

Well I think I will be adding every pair of TOMS to my Christmas wish-list this year, I'll have my list copied and distributed through out my home very soon ;) Cheers!

Happy Thursday!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Here's to fabulous shoes for the holidays!! :P

Rachel said...

I love the leopard print! They're perfect for fall! :)

Maddy said...

I'm one of those people that needs shoes more than others! All my shoes look like crap right now! I always beat the hell out of my flats :)