Orange October!

For those of you who do not follow baseball, the San Francisco Giants have made their way to the National League Championship Series or the NLCS as I will call it from now on, cause I mean come on imagine typing all that every time? I am super excited as this has not happened since 2002 and I was at the time not interested in watching or supporting. Oh how the times have changed. So what do you say folks? Want to sport some orange this month? You know you want to! Check out this post by the BonBon Rose Girls for some fab items to add to your wardrobe.

Want some more orange?

Thought I'd throw in this last one :D Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I love the F21 top and orange belt. I could definitely add those to my already too crowded closet. I don't really follow baseball, but a championship game is always exciting!

Maddy said...

Orange is not exactly my color, but I wouldn't mind that orange belt or top you picked out!

Rachel said...

I actually don't own much orange, but I love the Forever 21 top and the belt!