Oh Monday Monday, stay away from Sunday!

This weekend was a blur of baseball, iHop, and chocolate covered raisins. Oh and rain too. According to forecasts tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week at a whopping 70 degrees. I couldn't believe my eyes (it was on the morning news) is it possible to finally whip out my sweaters I bought weeks ago? Hooray! 

Now all I need is an umbrella for the weekend showers. Where do I get one? I have to admit I am not one to carry or buy an umbrella, I haven't used or owned one since middle school. If it's raining out I'm staying inside or running to my next class. Oh the joys of making my life difficult. 

This year I will buy an umbrella, a cute one that will completely shield me from the skies torment! 
Any suggestions on where to buy one? I am at a complete loss.

Happy Monday, have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Where I live, it randomly rains all the time. It can be like 100 degrees, and still have scattered showers. I know, completely weird! I usually go cheap with umbrellas, like Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc. I keep three umbrellas. One large umbrella for my house. One large umbrella is left in the car. And one mini umbrella is in my purse. My hair goes psycho when it gets wet, so I've got to be prepared.

Rosie Unknown said...

Sounds lovely!

Personally I would look for a rain coat. It's a bit geary, but I live it my MEC gortex coat. It keeps you drier, it's warm and far more versatile.

Charlotte said...

mmmm... love that umbrella picture.

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Leah said...

Ihop??!! Yum Yum!! I adore the rain!


Krystal said...

awww, I love LC, she is so pretty! and you should look at Urban Outfitters for umbrella's, they usually have super cute ones =)
~ Village

Cafe Fashionista said...

Rainy days are my favorite - sadly, there are very few in SoCal. Hmmm...have you checked out Target? Or Forever 21? Ohmigosh last year Forever 21 had THE cutest umbrellas EVER! Me? I want a Burberry umbrella - sad, as they are so expensive, but oh-so true! :P

Maddy said...

I second the Burbery umbrella! I'm looking for a good one too, you know...the kind that doesn't turn inside out with the first gush of wind :o/ When you find one, report back!