Friday Thoughts

As many of you know I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am a huge sports fan. Some of you may also know that the San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs (and they won last night) so I just have to say, life is good! Go Giants!

That brings me to today's thoughts. While over in Florida I was just floored by the beauty of Orlando, everything was green and there were palm trees everywhere! 

This shot is from the resort where we stayed. It had a "pacific" theme complete with bamboo everywhere and a luau (which I didn't get to see, boo). I had been worried about the humidity and heat (I hate both), but the weather was actually very pleasant, yeah my hair frizzed up a bit and I was kinda sticky, but it felt good. My skin was moisturized at least :D 

As much as I (really really really) enjoyed Florida I was super excited to come home and see fall weather! As I sit here typing I am wearing layers of clothing and still feel cold, but that's just something that comes with living in this wonderful area (seriously, I've heard that our cold is different from other colds because here you get chilled to the core regardless of what you wear).

 Fall is my favorite season, the leaves, the weather, the trips to the pumpkin patch, and sports of course. Tonight I will be going to my old high school's football game! Something about Friday night lights...I used to be a football manager for the team, and it was seriously the best experience! The thing that makes high school or college football better than the NFL is the band sitting in the bleachers doing their stuff, it adds that extra special touch :D

that's me in the middle, number 21! 

Wow long post, I am in a very reminiscent mood.
 Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love the fall too. The wind is blowing and it is cool but not freezing cold. I have a huge collection of cardigans, blue jeans, and headbands. I think I'm gonna go a little Blair Waldorf this fall!

Kristin said...

It's finally cooling down her in Florida, but it's still fairly warm during the day. Can you blow some of that cold air down here? HA!

Leah said...

Fall is my favorite season too! So much fun stuff!

And Florida looks gorgeous! I love visiting places like that and then coming home!

Happy weekend doll!

Panda! said...

You looks so pretty! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you are cuteness personified, Anaiz - LOVE that picture of you! And yayay for fall - it's my favorite time of year, as well!! :)

gleenn said...

I love the serenity of that first photo. I need to look at those trees after being sitted too long in front of my cp. :) And yes, I love fall!

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loving fall, or Autumn as we call it here. I think fall is so much more apt. Loved your post

Audrey Allure said...

Fall is my favorite season too :) Love wearing all the layers!