Join me on goodreads! plus a great giveaway you should know about


The more I mingle in the blogging world the better it seems to be getting! I had heard of goodreads before, but since I was already on librarything I figured I'll just stick with one. Well I ended up registering last night and I am so excited because I already won a new book to review! I never thought I would be receiving free books to review. Now here I am thanks to my decision in May to start a blog, I am too happy for words. I would love for all my book-loving readers to join if you haven't already! Join librarything too. Both websites are a way to keep track of books you've read (or want to), get recommendations on new books to read, share your opinions, and get free books before they come out! Sounds amazing huh? Join today and add me as a friend :D Link is on the right.

Happy Tuesday!

Bonus! Take a look at this huge giveaway at Squeaky Books. There are so many books to win!

Have you been following Enna Isilee's birthday bash? No?! Well allow me to inform you:

Enna Isilee is the operator of the YA book-blog Squeaky Books, and from August 23rd-September 22nd she's been celebrating her birthday in style with author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways featuring some of the hotest YA titles. It's been a blast so far! CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE SUMMARY OF EVENTS

The bad news? IT ALL ENDS TONIGHT!

That's right, all FIFTEEN (15) giveaways end at 11:59 pm MST tonight! But don't worry! You still have time to enter! Below I've listed all of the possible things you can win. The winners will be announced tomorrow (September 22nd) on Squeaky Books.

If you live in the US you are qualified to enter every giveaway! Most giveaways are open to Canadian residents as well. Sorry international friends, no contests are open to you. But if you have a friend in the US or Canada that will mail to you then you are welcome to enter!

So? Have you entered yet? NO?! What are you waiting for? Check out the links below and enter to win some wicked sweet prizes!!


Leah said...

That sounds wonderful! I love these images so cute!

You would be so proud I finaly picked up a book at Costco now I need to read it! lol


Dancing Branflake said...

I love Good Reads! But I had to get off because it was WAY too addicting for me. Sigh... I just can't stop with one book!

Maddy said...

Never checked out either sites before, but I'm heading over there right now! Glad you're enjoying blog world!! It really has enhanced my life in more ways than one :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I was too late to enter; but I will definitely be checking out these sites!! :)

firepages said...

I have a Goodreads account but I haven't made too much use of it. You have definitely piqued my interest again. I will definitely friend you!