Nightshade Review

Remember that giveaway I blogged about from Las Risas? Well I won! I received the book on Friday and finished it that night. Yeah I read it in one sitting, which means it was addicting.
Calla Tor is the alpha of her pack and a soldier for the keepers (witches). She has been betrothed to Ren Laroche, the sexy alpha of his own pack, since birth. With about a month to go until the union Calla breaks the rules and saves a human boy who she is drawn to. Things get more complicated when he turns out to be a new student at her small school. She gets torn between the two and starts questioning her fate and the rules that bind them. So which path will she take? Find out October!
I am really excited about this series (there will be four books) since it has paranormal romance, I am such a sucker for werewolves. It might have some similarities to other books of the same genre, but the idea of witches as masters is intriguing. I definitely cannot wait for the second book, Wolfsbane. Oh and for the record I am Team Ren :D I always pick the werewolf for some reason.

Happy Monday!

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