New page and babies!

Some of you may have notice the change I made to the "What I'm Reading" page as I have included the month. Well from now on I will be adding all books I read to the list and sharing it with y'all! I received my Amazon order yesterday (thanks Fire Pages) and have already started reading Secondhand Spirits: A witchcraft mystery. I am super excited about this one because it takes place in San Francisco!  Silicon valley (where I live) was also mentioned! Woo hoo, it's not very often I come across books like that. I will be reviewing some of the books, but not all, if there is a book you want reviewed just let me know on the page. Now on to more exciting news. Babies!

Baby Thomas was born to my cousin Emely, anybody remember me blogging about her baby shower? Time flies.

Baby Abri Neveah was born to my cousin Daisy, I also blogged about her baby shower!

And just yesterday my sister received word that an old friend from high school had given birth, her baby shower was next weekend, now it's a "Welcome Baby!" party :D

That's my news for today, Happy Thursday!


Cafe Fashionista said...

A Welcome Baby Party sounds like such a fun idea! Congratulations on the new additions to your family - so adorbs!! :)

Leah said...

Oh what a cutie!


Kristin said...

You aren't helping my baby fever. HA!

Maddy said...

How ADORABLE!!!! He's just too cute! And you're right...time flies! As far as your reading list....Way to go, girl!! I was struggling all summer with "The People of Paper" and I just gave up :( I hate doing that, but I just couldn't get into it right this second. I'm on the hunt for a new book!

Rachel said...

Aww, so cute!!