Game night!

We had a game night last night and for those of you who have never played with us (most of my readers) we play a little differently. First up was Monopoly! This game always gets messy when we put it away (probably because it is never done correctly) oh well what can you do.We tend to have a little fun when it comes to "rolling the dice" so the poor things end up everywhere, the floor the couches you name it, ok I admit we "aim" for certain things adding a bit of basketball to the fun. We usually don't put the cards on the actual board game, we make the living room our board game, you know more space.Up next we played Jenga! We used to play this game without any added rules, but then I came along and added trivia. I add two movies under the Jenga tower and before you get to pull out a block you have to name a character or an actor,  or the director, producer, writer, a quote, or perform a dance/song, etc. Last night however I decided to use two of my favorite video games.Beatles Rock Band and Mario Kart!For this version the player had to name a song or sing a little of one already mentioned for the Beatles RB (naming a member was too easy, first four to go got it) and for Mario Kart they had to name a character or an item. All in all it was a success as all players had played both video games before.

But what goes up must come down.

Happy Thursday y'all!


firepages said...

I love Monopoly! It's been forever since I've played it, usually because I can't find anyone to play with. And because I am an accountant by day (it pays the bills), I really get into strategizing which properties I want to buy and managing my money. I know, that is so nerdy! I've never played Jenga, but it looks like fun!

Leah said...

What a great idea! I so whant to do this, this weekend!


Kristin said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Maddy said...

Lol!! That sounds like a lot of fun! We were big on Monopoly and Jenga in my house. But the grownups especially loved Monopoly. My dad and uncles would play for hours and treat it like real business deals, since they fancied themselves entreprenuers ;o)