Puppy stuff

I've started looking around for a dog bed and a collar and wow the variety is amazing. I don't want to be those people who treat their pets like royalty (ok maybe I will who knows?) but I do believe in treating the pup like a part of the family so that includes a good bed and collar. My family decided on getting a boy pup because we found a name we are all in LOVE with. I won't say it just yet, I will wait until I get it so I can properly announce him to the world :) So far these are some things I like, the first one is from Petsmart:Of course I had to include something nautical (for my love of Coastal Living), this one is from Sylvans:So cute. I really can't wait now :D Happy Thursday!


Maddy said...

Aww!!! Congrats on getting a new puppy! I wish I had one too, except I'm in a rental and there are no pets allowed :( But I can't wait for your big reveal!

Lynzy said...

thank you so much for your kind comments! I absolutely love this collar, I wish they made it for kittens :)

xo lynzy