Decorating my room!

I am still trying to convince my sister that we should decorate our room again. Right now the walls are pink on the top half and yellow/gold on the bottom half with a strip of white separating the two colors. We also have carpet :/ not exactly my favorite. The floor is a another problem for another time however. Since I like to be online and I like raising my hopes up I found some pictures I love from Coastal Living:

Are these not the coolest beds ever? I just want to jump on one.

Ok while I'm at it, here is my dream kitchen too, also from Coastal Living:Yes, that is a green floor in a kitchen.

I think I can do this all day, but I'll go ahead and stop right here. Coastal Living is the BEST magazine ever. I literally love all their decorating ideas. Must be the California gurl in me, but one day I will decorate my home in a Coastal manner. Until then, I say: Have yourself an amazing weekend!


Leah said...

Yes love those beds, I could just swing myself to sleep! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

firepages said...

Those beds are awesome, but I love the spacious kitchen even more. I would definitely need a magazine like Coastal Living to give me decorating ideas, as I am not able to put an entire look like that together.

Anaiz said...

That makes two of us. I just don't have an eye for it.

Maddy said...

Those beds are awesome!! And I love the whole beach house look. If only I had a beach house to decorate someday *sigh*. Good luck with the redecorating!