I want a cat! Or a dog.

I once had a cat that I don't think we ever named we simply called her kitty. She was black and white and attached to everyone's bedroom, she would never sleep in her own bed downstairs. She would wake me up every morning purring on top of me until I finally got up (that took a lot of purring, I was a lazy kid). Oh how we missed her when she was gone! Since then we've had bunnies, birds, and currently we have two turtles. Although I love cats I have always wanted a dog but my dad simply says NO. No to a cat no to a dog no to hardwood floor in my room. He says they take time and money to which I point out that I am an online student and a pet is priceless. I think I'm beginning to wear him down, he loves animals more than anything, except his house which he insists is not for pets. Ha! I could argue against that too. Maybe I will create a big presentation pointing out the pros of a pet I figure it will put my skills to the test and it sounds like fun, I will put pictures of the cutest puppies and kittens! Like this one:Awwww. He won't be able to resist. How about it? Do you have pets?

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Maddy said...

I thought I would be able to get a puppy now that I'm older, but now my landlord says no! I guess I have to wait until I get my own house!