A day in San Francisco

I love the city! I spent the day there yesterday with my friends Jenn and Sharan. We mostly walked around and shopped. There's nothing like San Francisco's Forever 21 and H&M. So many clothes! We ate at a local diner that has a working jukebox at every booth, we listened to the Grease soundtrack and the Beatles.

They also have cool retro decorations hanging on the walls including an airplane, a big cow, and cars.
We stopped by a jewelry shop that had so many necklaces and rings, they also had zebra carpet :0

Right outside the jewelry shop there was a huge billboard that I just had to share. (Twilight!!!!!!!!)

Then as we started heading back to the BART station for the trip back home we passed the Apple store that had a line down the block and around the corner. I have to admit I am an Apple fan, but I think I'd rather wait for all the hoopla to die down a bit before waiting in a line like that. Got iPhone?

TGIF! This weekend will be fun!

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